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Dr. Cindy Jacobs 

Generals International

Christ for the Nations is one of the most respected Bible schools with 44 affiliates across the world. It is sound doctrinally and has a special emphasis on missions, compassion, and worship.
I am excited to know that Christ for the Nations is now open in Korea! The emphasis of the school perfectly fits the Korean people and the great destiny of the nation. Korea is a country that truly understands that Christ wants to see nations saved and disciple. Many spirit-empowered people have been looking for a Bible school that provides both an excellent biblical foundation as well as the manifestation of signs, wonders, and miracles today. If this is you, why not consider coming to Christ for the Nations, Korea (CFNK). It will change your life!.

Rolland and Heidi Baker

Iris Global

We are thrilled to endorse Christ for the Nations Korea. At Iris Global, we have had the pleasure of receiving many great interns from Christ for the Nations. We love Christ for the Nations, and what a joy that now Koreans will have access to this powerful training in the Lord. We want to see an army of laid down lovers that will go to the darkest places of the world for the sake of Love. We pray that through this training you will give everything for Jesus because He is worthy of it all. God Bless You.

Michael L. Brown

President, FIRE School of Ministry
host of the Line of Fire radio program

Over the years, I have been blessed to see Deborah Oh's great heart for the Lord, her openness to the Spirit, her passion for missions, her commitment to holiness, and her vision for Israel, and I am confident that CFNK will reflect these important values. I look forward to seeing what God will do through this new school!

Bob Sorge 

Author of Secrets of the Secret Place

Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, USA, is world-renowned as a Bible and ministry training center, sending out laborers into the harvest globally. Now, students in Korea have the same quality of instruction and impartation available to them right here in Seoul—at Christ For the Nations Korea. This is the time. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity—spiritual training at its best. May the Lord sharpen you in this Institute and send you out, like an arrow that hits its mark, into the great harvest that awaits.

Mel Tari

Author of Like a Mighty Wind

Korea is very important in God's strategic plan today for Missions in Asia and the Nations. It have been my privilege to know Pastor Deborah Oh and Shalom Mission Church for many years and see firsthand her/ their involvement and service for Jesus not only in her beloved nation Korea, but also in many Nations. Her passion for souls and vision to train leaders to bring the gospel to the world is very evident in all that she had done in the ministry all these years. I am very excited to know that CFNK is about to begin, and I wholeheartedly recommend this school to all who have been called by God and want/ need the training and equipping to bring the Gospel to the lost billions in this generation. I rejoice for the opportunity to partner and serve Jesus together with Pastor Deborah through CFNK and SMC in preparing many now and years to come to fulfill their destiny in sharing the Good News to the Nations for His glory.

Daniel Plowman

Pastor, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

When we first began the discussion of starting Christ for the Nations in Korea my heart was so full of excitement and anticipation for what God was going to do through this school. I am so overjoyed that CFNK is now launched and fully operational! What a blessing from God to the nation of Korea as well as the other nations of Asia and the world. The impact that CFNK will have for the Kingdom of God is going to be tremendous!
At CFNK our goal is to train and equip men and women to go into the world empowered with the message, the faith and the anointing of the Spirit that will liberate all that they come into contact with. If you feel a call to the ministry or have a desire to know the Lord in a deeper way, then Christ for the Nations Korea is the place for you!

Lesley-Anne Leighton

Founding Director Diadem International

Holy Given International School of Missions

It is my huge honor and joy to endorse Pastor Deborah Oh, Shalom Mission Church and Christ for the Nations Korea to the world.
We are living in a critical time in the history of the world where the darkness is getting darker but the Bride is getting brighter as she obeys the call of her Bridegroom King Jesus to go into all of the world making disciples.
Pastor Deborah Oh leading Shalom Mission Church has been passionate and tenacious in her love and commitment to the Lord in raising up a company of people that will obey His call to mission. I have known Pastor Deborah Oh for many years and had the privilege and joy of partnering Holy Given Korea In-ternational School of Missions for two years with great effectiveness, being a community that hosted God’s presence that resulted in transformation in the lives of the students, igniting the flame of union-love. They are a leading community in the world as they have built an altar where God resides through their dedication in true worship, prayer, intercession and generosity.
Christ for the Nations Korea is a powerful contribution of His Kingdom breaking forth making a way for thousands of end time harvesters to be equipped with success into the nation of Korea and beyond. It is my great privilege to continue to be a part of what God is doing in His call to Korea as a mission-sending nation through Christ for the Nations Korea.

Klaus Kuehn

International worship leader

I'm so excited about the launch of Christ for the Nations Korea. This is a place to let God expand your boundaries, be trained, and become a world changer. I have personally had the joy of ministering with Pastor Oh and the staff and look forward to what God will do in Korea and the nations through this ministry.

Darrell Dahlman

Founder of Pacific Ministries

Ever since I have been visiting Deborah Oh's ministry, I have been impressed with their passion for the presence of God. Their commitment to musical creativity and worship with music, dance, and other artistic expression combined with their commitment to obedience to the Holy Spirit has been demonstrated many times. My visits to their schools and prophetic conference’s have been highlights in my experience in ministry in Korea.

Bill Byers 

Living Water Ministries International

Christ for the Nation Institute is a highly respected Bible college throughout the world. The emphasis in on a personal relationship with God that results in advancing the Kingdom of God through declaring and establish the kingdom through teaching, establishing mission bases, prayer, and worship.
Christ for the Nation has now opened another affiliate campus in Seoul South Korea! I am privileged to serve on the board of Direction, as well as, serving as a founding member of the faculty. The school perfectly complements the great destiny of the nation of Korea. Our focus is advancing the kingdom of God in this generation. Korea is a county that God has kept and ordained to reach the nations of the world through the power of the presence of the Lord. We are privileged to open our hearts and now our doors to disciple and equip a gener-ation with the tools to effectively fulfill Gods calling and election.
If God has called you and you are ready to answer His call, we have a mandate from Heaven to provide a biblical foundation for your development and disci-pleship. The Holy Spirit has called us to cooperate with Him in expressing the fullness of God’s presence in His word, worship, payer and the manifestation of His signs, wonders, and miracles.
Christ for the Nations Of Korea has an open heart, open doors and a mandate form heavens to prepare, equip and train this generation through the power and presence of The Lord! We are ready to receive you today… are you ready to give your life to the Lord and follow Him wherever He would lead you?

Eric and Angelika Holzapfel

Pastor and Evangelist

We are so pleased with the work of CFNK that we are planning to send our daughter, Gloria, to spend al least one year here as an intern, and to experience the revelation of praise and worship so relevant in this program.
Pastor Deborah Oh is a true modern apostle not only as a missionary to other countries, but an apostle of faith and fresh revelation. We have had the privilege to minister with her and her team on several occasions and benefitted from every moment. We highly encourage you to become a part of this great move of the Holy Spirit at CFNK.

Mark & Ann Spitsbergen

The Abiding Place Ministry

It is an honor for Anne and myself to participate with Deborah Oh in the launching of Christ for the Nations Korea (CFNK). From the first moment that we met Deborah we felt the kind of kinsmanship that is only possible among God’s people. Anne and I have Pastored for more than 28 years and have been privileged to preach the gospel all over the world. One of the great blessings that we receive is meeting those servants of the Lord like Deborah Oh. Deborah’s ministry, vision and purpose is most certainly ordained and anointed by Christ Jesus. We look forward to participating CFNK on every level and will encourage others to do so as well.

Kamese Godfrey 

Senior Pastor Praise Cathedral, Kampala-Uganda

Senior Pastor of Shalom Mission Church. She is a well known theologian, influential and leading Advocate for missions, she has addressed many of the perennial intellectual challenges to the Christian faith. She has been involved in many projects in Africa and around the world. Deborah is a seasoned minister and expert of the New Testament Church, that remains an Enigma to many, preserving a message that is under siege by a secularized generation. She is intuitive, powerful and relevant. I count it an Honor to endorse her. I have drawn strength from Pastor Deborah's Powerful, passionate, single minded ministry which focus on the person of Jesus Christ. She is highly gifted in Praise and Worship. Training and leading many into an awesome Holy-Ghost experience with great precision and professionalism.

Yesupadam and Monika Paidipamula

Founder and President Love-n-Care Ministries International

I am so thankful that God has chosen my dear sister, Deborah Oh, to start the CFNI branch to be opened in South Korea as CFNK. She is a woman of vision with a heart to disciple young people and send them out into the world as missionaries to preach the gospel and plant churches. I strongly recommend the school and I believe that all the students who attend will be changed forever and will be used for the purposes of God and for the glory of the Father in heaven. I wish you all the best and God bless you. In Christ,

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